PHPUnit change http host with Symfony

fe13d95fd6d75d2ba275b55bcbfe5dd2_400x400A quick post to remind me how a domain can be changed when using PHPUnit and Symfony routes
By default tests will run against localhost and certain projects like Sylius may require a different domain for different channels so localhost will not do.
To change the domain in a test do this:

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The request will now be http://channel-mobile.local/do-somthing

Don’t include http:// or https:// as the route will fail!

I hit this issue when running a functional test against a Sylius channel. Without setting the HTTP_HOST the request was http://localhost/do-somthing

The error I got was:

Debugging the error showed that the channel was being set by the requested domain and the requested domain was localhost.

Upgrading PCRE From 7.8 to 8.13 on a Centos 6.3 VPS

A simple guide to upgrading PCRE from 7.8 to 8.13 on a Centos 6.3 VPS.

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This is actually relatively painless processes

We check the current version installed and what is running with PHP. We then remove the existing PCRE package whilst leaving any dependencies. After that we add a new repository and install the the version of PCRE. Finally we check the installed version and the the version used with PHP.

Check which version you have now:

Check which version is used in PHP

Search for all rpms of PCRE

Remove legacy version of PCRE leaving all dependences

Add a new rpm repository

Include the following

Install only the pcre package

Finally check if you have the new version

Check that PHP has been updated to use the new version