Dec 012011

WordCounterI’m delighted to announce that Noupe has included the jQuery wordCounter plugin on their 40+ Useful and Fresh jQuery Plugins post. I’m over the moon that Nousheen Aquil from the Curious Side of Smashing Magazine would think this plugin worthy for the list.

The post includes popular jQuery plugins such as Lettering.js, Cuepoint.js and simpleSlider to name a few.

Posts like this prove that my hard work has not gone to waste and encourage me to build and improve.  Happy Days!

Please see the wordCounter documentation for more info on how to use the plugin.

Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher is a web developer working in Gloucester UK. Founder of the digital agency WebSoMatic, author of this blog and the HowToCodeWell Youtube channel. Peter has over six years of web development experience under his belt

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